How to Vote

Many residents of West Lafayette, especially students, are not registered to vote in Indiana or are registered at an old address. Please make sure to verify & update your registration within 30 days of Election Day:

Verify & Update Your Voter Registration Here

District Map WL
If you live within the colored region, you can vote for James! (full size)

Any adult US citizen who resides inside the city limits of West Lafayette is eligible to vote for James. This includes Purdue students, even if your permanent address is outside the city. Unlike many counties, you do not need to go to your designated polling place on Election Day in order to vote. You can vote at any polling place in Tippecanoe County. Polls open at 6 AM and close at 6 PM, so be sure to get in line early.

Because of Indiana’s voter ID law, you must bring a valid photo ID to the polls in order to vote. If you have an Indiana driver’s license or a state-issued ID, that will work. However, due to a recent decision by the Board of Elections, current Purdue IDs are not valid. Purdue will be releasing a new ID, valid for voting, in August, but at a cost of $10.

Early voting will be available on weekdays from 8 AM to 4:30 PM at the Tippecanoe County Board of Elections on 20 North 3rd Street in downtown Lafayette, starting one month before Election Day. Other locations will be announced as the election approaches.

If you will not be present in Tippecanoe County on Election Day and would like to vote through an absentee ballot, you may email to request one. Click here for more information.

Vote for 3 Candidates

West Lafayette has three at-large city council members, so you will get to vote for three different candidates when you get to the voting booth. The three candidates who get the most votes will win a seat on the city council. We encourage you to vote for James, plus the two other Democratic candidates, Gerald Thomas and David Sanders.